General Manuscript Preferences

File type: Microsoft WORD

Manuscript format: New Courier 12pt; double-spaced, left-justified, 1-inch margins, page-numbered with Author-1, Author-2, etc. on each page. Please put two spaces after the period at the end of a sentence. Include your name, mailing address and email on the title page of your manuscript. Phone number is optional. Contact the Editor by email if you have any questions or limitations. We’re open-minded.


  • Submit by email as a WORD attachment to
  • Short Story – Fiction from 140 characters to 5000 words
  • Poetry – Poems and Lyrics up to 500 words
  • Essay – Non-fiction up to 5000 words
  • Correspondence – Letters, email, notes, or messages between two or more people up to 1000 words

For consideration for BOOK PUBLICATION:

Fiction Novels –70,000 words and up. Seeking writing with a strong voice and style, with compelling characters and stories that resonate. We prefer scenes with vivid, concrete details.

Memoir – 70,000 words and up. Seeking interesting, well-written, creative non-fiction or book-length personal writing. Photographs desired.

Family History – Seeking immigration or diaspora stories, with a regional or cultural focus; stories about unusual families or relationships; or stories that connect the reader to a place or a time in history. Photographs desired.

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