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War and Peace:  or The Cat Should Sleep Where She Wantswp-cover

by Barbara Coles

Publication Date: October 2, 2016

The story of a family’s life told from the point of view of “The Cat.” Bella’s perspective is funny, snarky and perceptive as she manages her four minions: Squishy, Rumble, Popcorn and Cuddle. When a tabby interloper enters the scene, Bella must grapple with sharing all that is most precious to her. A cat of infinite complexity, Bella endures.

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Distilling Rose

by Cynthia Lipton

Publication Date: February 25, 2011

A family history and memoir that includes the author’s discovery of a unknown sister, her search for links to her long dead great-grandmother Rose and a deepening of the understanding of her grandparents through their daily correspondence during World War II. Dr. Morrie Lipton served overseas as a Flight Surgeon in the Army Air Corps and Mildred Lipton remained stateside with their young sons. Their letters tell a love story and are the center of the history of a 20th Century American family.

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My Romance with My Segundo Barrio

by Edmundo Lopez

Publication Date: September 7, 2011

A widowed mother and her eight children struggle to survive in the poorest barrio in South El Paso, Texas. Juanita Lopez is an insightful, loving mother with a plan. Her plan for success is simple. Her children must work hard and she must guide them through adversities and make them retain their moral and ethical values. Through the eyes of Mundo Lopez, the youngest son in the Lopez family, the story introduces us to the five Lopez Brothers and the three Lopez sisters coming of age in the years before World War II through the end of the Korean War.

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True Bearing

by Terrie Dorfman

Publication Date: January 10, 2012

In wartime England, 1943, Terrie Allen defies her parents’ wishes and travels to London to witness the Investiture of a Royal Canadian Air Force gunner. King George VI would present the Distinguished Flying Medal to Frank Dagg at Buckingham Palace.  In Nottingham, Terrie’s parents’ strongly disapprove of her trip, and a deep rift develops that forces the young English woman to make a decision. In the midst of family conflict, Terrie is determined to find her own bearings. She sails from England on the Queen Mary and begins following the direction of her own life with her new husband on a new continent. True Bearing is the story of how Terrie follows her true instincts and gracefully navigates the passages of her life.