What we do for your reading, writing and publishing needs

Manuscript Selection

We love writers, and the written word. We’re always looking for great stories to publish. Full-length manuscripts of particular interest are Memoir, Literary Novels, and Family History. Short Story, Poetry, Essay, and Letters wanted for WRITER'S COLONY


We love language and believe that writers need editors, not to stifle voice and style, but to sharpen the work and provide a fresh point of view on organization, consistency and flow. Many writers are excellent self-editors and professional editing takes their work to the next level.

Design and Production

We love books and the art of design. We are dedicated to producing beautiful books that we’re proud to sell. The cover art, type and layout represent the quality of the story. We also showcase shorter work on WRITERS COLONY


We love readers and want to put books and stories into their hands, ears and minds. The work of writing is valuable and we want authors to share fairly in the proceeds from the sale of their books.